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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spotlight Time On The Never Ending Blog!

Spotlight Time On The Never Ending Blog!

I have decided that I have so many wonderful, amazing, talented, sweet, brilliant, exciting, gorgeous and fun friends, that I want to share them with you. I plan to do stories throughout the year, and let you know why I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful entourage!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Has it been a year??!!

Has it been a year???

November 18th, what a special day!!!
I can't believe our precious twins are a year old! Oh my gosh this year has flown by so quickly...and they have grown so rapidly!!
For their birthday Jonny and Haylie decided the perfect place to celebrate would be Disneyland AND of course it's Mickey Mouse's birthday, as well. Dear Mickey is the young age of 80.
Even at the age of one Saylor and Raimy knew they were at a very special place. They were laughing and taking in all the sights, as they were wheeled through in their double wide stroller.
They both loved Dumbo, and the motion of the carousel almost put Raim to sleep.
They thought Tune Town was the best and they posed for many pictures.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Never Ending Blog!

The Blog Will Go On!!

Hey did you ever see that annoying movie called: The Never Ending story?? Well, I have decided to make this: The Never Ending Blog. It wasn't just my idea, but because so many of you kind people have written, called and emailed, asking me to continue writing about my sometimes boring the blog will continue for now.
I thank you for reading and taking an interest in my words.
Please feel free to leave comments...I love reading them!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Another one bites the dust...

The tour is officially over. It ended Tuesday night, in Portland, Oregon. As everyone was leaving yesterday to return home, Drummer, Mitch Michell, was not in the group. Sadly his life ended with the tour, which he helped put together.
I didn't get to know Mitch while I was on tour, but I did talk to him a few times. He loved the babies and got excited every time they were around. Here's a picture I took of him backstage, last week.

Mitch Mitchell of Hendrix Experience Dies

Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience of the 1960s and the group's last surviving member, was found dead in his hotel room early Wednesday. He was 61.
"He was a wonderful man, a brilliant musician and a true friend," said Janie Hendrix, chief executive of the Experience Hendrix Tour and Jimi Hendrix' stepsister. "His role in shaping the sound of the Jimi Hendrix Experience cannot be underestimated."
Bob Merlis, a spokesman for the tour, said Mitchell had stayed in Portland for a four-day vacation and planned to leave Wednesday.
"It was a devastating surprise," Merlis said. "Nobody drummed like he did."
He said he saw Mitchell perform two weeks ago in Los Angeles, and the drummer appeared to be healthy and upbeat.
Merlis said the tour was designed to bring together veteran musicians who had known Hendrix — like Mitchell — and younger artists, such as Grammy-nominated winner Jonny Lang, who have been influenced by him.
Blues-rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who is 31 and was part of the tour, said Mitchell was to the drums what Hendrix was to the guitar.
"Today many of us have lost a dear friend, and the world has lost a rock n' roll hero," he said.
Mitchell was a one-of-a-kind drummer whose "jazz-tinged" style was influenced by Max Roach and Elvin Jones, Merlis said. The work was a vital part of both the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the 1960s and the Experience Hendrix Tour that ended last week, he said.
"If Jimi Hendrix were still alive," Merlis said, "he would have acknowledged that."
During his career Mitchell played with the best in the business — not just Hendrix, but also Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jack Bruce, Jeff Beck, Muddy Waters and others.
Mitchell performed with Hendrix and Redding at the Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967, the U.S. debut of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He also was member of a later version of the band that performed the closing set of the Woodstock Festival in August 1969 — where Hendrix played a psychedelic version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before the band launched into "Purple Haze."
The Jimi Hendrix Experience was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1992. According to the Hall of Fame, Mitchell was born July 9, 1947, in Ealing, England.
Terry Stewart, chief executive of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, said Mitchell transformed his instrument from a "strictly percussive element to a lead instrument."
"His interplay with Jimi Hendrix's guitar on songs like 'Fire' is truly amazing," Stewart said Wednesday. "Mitch Mitchell had a massive influence on rock 'n' roll drumming and took it to new heights."
Hendrix, Redding and Mitchell held their first rehearsal in October 1966, according to the Hall of Fame's Web site.
In an interview last month with the Boston Herald, Mitchell said he met Hendrix "in this sleazy little club."
"We did some Chuck Berry and took it from there," Mitchell told the newspaper. "I suppose it worked."
Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. Active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.
2008-11-12 17:38:34

Monday, November 10, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Me with Peach taken by Kendra Dew in Albany NY

Well, my tour is coming to an end and the Greek theater in Los Angeles, will be the last leg of my journey. It has been fun, it has been hard, it has been tiring, but it has been priceless and I will never forget this wonderful time spent with my family. I have met new friends and heard some amazing music. I feel so blessed that I have children that would invite their Mom along, in a tour bus, for over a month.
I have learned that so many of the gorgeous old theaters across the country are called The Orpheum, The Paramount or The Palace. I don't think they are owned by the same companies, but that must have been a very popular name back in the 20's-40's, when a lot of these theaters were built.
I have mastered the art of getting into my high bunk, in a moving bus. This was quite a feat for me, but I feel I have better core muscles because of it. I have mastered the kitchen at a speed of about 70mph, and I can make some great mac and cheese.
I have found that most public restrooms outside of California and New York, do not have seat covers in the bathrooms. I have found the smaller the space you live in, the more you have to clean to keep things tidy.
I found I could sleep in a small buck filled with stacks of books, many articles of clothing, shoes, boots, makeup and various bags of things I purchased along the why is it that I hardly have enough room in my queen sized bed at home??
I have found that all venues seem to have an enormous amount of Red Bull, in their dressing rooms.
I have found I can't make myself like Red Bull, no matter how hard I have tried. It's such a cool drink and I would love to say, Hey, I'll have a Red Bull...but then why would I want to get hooked on a $3.00 can of cool???
I have always heard, "be careful who you hang out with because you always turn out like those friends", but I have been hanging out with so many amazingly talented musicians, and none of their talent has rubbed off on me.
I'm going to miss exploring a new city or town each day. I'll miss the freedom of being away from home and work. But most of all, I am going to miss being with my precious Raimy and Saylor everyday... especially when they would wake me up from across the hall, every morning at about 7.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seattle Review

Ahley and Jonathan joined us tonight. Here they are on The Gibson Bus
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Ash and Jonathan on the Gibson Bus

Little visitors!

Newspaper review from Seattle

Three-hour celebration would've blown Hendrix's mind

No guitars were harmed during the Experience Hendrix concert Thursday
night at the Paramount.


WHEN: Thursday night

WHERE: Paramount Theatre

Of course, borrowing from Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix's bag of tricks,
one was picked behind the head. And another was played, this time
with inimitable style by influential bluesman Buddy Guy, with
overalls and a drumstick.

In celebration of rock's most influential guitarist, whose meteoric
career ended with his death in 1970, instruments were caressed,
coaxed and cajoled to maximum, this-one-goes-to-11 effect. It was a
star-studded night of electric-guitar heroics and, save a brief
appearance by Seattle's Kim Virant singing "Little Wing," a total
testosterone fest.

The three-hour blowout featured some of the best guitarists of the
past half-century, from Chicago blues legends Guy, 72, and Hubert
Sumlin, 76, to young phenoms Jonny Lang (he was truly phenomenal
here), Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Eric Gales. Playfully, lefty Gales,
who wielded his guitar upside down in the familiar manner, opened
with the behind-the-head maneuver and by repeating the classic
mishearing of the "Purple Haze" lyric, " 'Scuse me while I kiss this

The local representatives alone indicated the breadth of Hendrix's
influence. It comes as no surprise that Pearl Jam guitarist Mike
McCready is a fan, or that his trio Shadow '86 is a tribute. Here,
McCready, bassist Rick Friel and drummer Chris Friel brought the
raucous crowd to its feet (OK, it was cheating a bit) with a full-
band version of Hendrix's Woodstock-classic reworking of "The Star
Spangled Banner."

More intriguing was the effect on '80s-concept-metal rockers
Queensryche, with singer Geoff Tate declaring that hearing Jimi's
rendition of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" made him want to
rock. And while the contrast between Tate's slick vocals and
Hendrix's nonchalant-sounding ones was jarring, Scott Rockenfield
very impressively doubled up on Jimi Hendrix Experience veteran Mitch
Mitchell's drum parts.

Once one of rock's most explosive percussionists, the frail-looking
Mitchell was reduced to the role of nostalgic reminder. That wasn't
the case with bassist Billy Cox, the longtime Hendrix sideman who
shepherded Thursday's ever-changing lineup for a good portion of the

Cox took to the microphone for "Stone Free," playing off of Mato
Nanji of the Native American band Indigenous, and later sang on "Red
House" as Lang, Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford, Robby Krieger of
The Doors and the still-vital Guy dueled behind him.

Mikel Toombs can be reached at

2nd Review from Seattle

Concert review | Tribute concert unites those who inspired and were
inspired by Jimi Hendrix
Concert review by Patrick MacDonald: The Experience Hendrix Tribute
Tour featured nearly two dozen musicians playing the music of Jimi
Hendrix — from Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Mike McCready to
Hendrix bandmates Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox — at a concert at the
Paramount on Nov. 6.

By Patrick MacDonald

Music & Nightlife RSS feed
Concert Review |

Jimi Hendrix continues to inspire, 40 years on.

Guitarists young and old waved their freak flags high Thursday night
at the Paramount, channeling their inner Hendrixes, while a big,
appreciative crowd danced and cheered and air-guitared the night away.

It was a kick hearing Jonny Lang tear through "Let Me Stand Next To
Your Fire," his face contorting along with the feedback and piercing
high notes; exhilarating to watch Kenny Wayne Shepherd march across
the stage like a man possessed while grinding out an extended "Voodoo
Child"; and inspiring, on the day after the election, to stand with
the audience for Mike McCready's moving, powerful rendition of "The
Star Spangled Banner," the Pearl Jam guitarist echoing Hendrix's
famous Woodstock version while adding some fireworks of his own.

The occasion was the next-to-last concert of the five-week, 19-stop
Experience Hendrix 2008 Tribute Tour, the third and longest in the
series, and bigger than the 2004 and 2007 editions.

The show also featured drummer Mitch Mitchell, of the Jimi Hendrix
Experience, looking frail but in good spirits, and another Hendrix
bandmate, bassist Billy Cox, from Band of Gypsies, who played bass
and sang the lead on "Red House."

Brad Whitford of Aerosmith showed his mighty blues chops on several
numbers. He traded fiery licks with Lang on "Spanish Castle Magic"
and "The Wind Cries Mary." Michael Wilton tore the place up with his
guitar solo on "All Along the Watchtower," with fellow Queensryche
member Geoff Tate handling the vocal.

Robby Krieger, legendary guitarist of the Doors, was featured on "Got
Me Floating" and played on most of the other songs. Mato Nanji of
Indigenous played guitar and sang the lead on "Hey Joe."

Blues greats Hubert Sumlin and Buddy Guy, who both inspired Hendrix,
played classic blues songs and joined in Hendrix jams with the other
musicians, about 20 in all.

The songs stayed faithful to Hendrix's recorded versions at first,
but all were expanded into long flights of improv and guitar
shootouts, to the delight of the crowd. Old-timers like me, who
remember seeing Hendrix back in the day (as I write this, a picture
of Hendrix and me taken 40 years ago is on the wall in front of me),
made up a sizable portion of the crowd. But there were a lot of young
fans, too. His spirit lives on.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Larry, He's the Man!

Our Wonderful Driver, Larry!!

Larry, He's the Man!! ... That's what she says!

This entry is all about our wonderful driver, Larry. I have met Larry many times over the course of the last three years, but never had the pleasure of going on a road trip. Now, after being in the bus with Larry since the 1st of Oct., I have to say he is such a wonderful man and I feel so blessed and privileged that my family has him!

First of all you may not even think driving a bus is such a big deal, but it's an extremely hard job. The other thing is that you put yours and your family's lives in his hands, when he is at the wheel.
I can't imagine ever having a job like this and driving so far each night and maneuvering through so many tight spots. Many nights when I couldn't sleep I would go up into the front area and sit and talk to Larry as he flew down the long endless highways. The passenger seat was so comfortable and I really could have slept there all night. The chair is actually a huge recliner and you are suspended so high, that you are on the same level or higher that most of the semi trucks. You are also totally surrounded by glass, so the view is amazing.

The way it works is that we get to town in the middle of the night and pull into a hotel parking lot. Larry goes into the hotel and checks in for everyone. He then comes back to the bus and puts each of our individual keys on the table, ready when we get up. I was generally always awake and ready to run into the hotel as soon as the keys arrived. Larry would sleep a bit and then drive us to the venue and take a taxi back to the hotel, so he could sleep for the day. He would then take a taxi back to the venue around 10:30PM, to be there and ready when the show was over. After the show he would drive us all night long to the next city or state, and we would do this all over again.

Larry is a great driver!! I spent one evening just talking about his life on the tour bus and his story. He has a business partner and they own this bus and in the process of building another one. Buses are very expensive and cost more that many people's homes. The one that we have been using is valued at around $850,000.00. He is building a second one that is in the 1.5 million range. Ours has one tip-out in the living room and the new one has living room tip-outs, on both sides, and one in the back bedroom.

The beautiful Gibson bus once belonged to Larry and Jonny toured on it a long time, before Larry sold it to Gibson. It's funny to me that the buses can be remolded just like a house.

Larry has been a driver for 27 years and has toured with people and groups like, Journey, Rolling Stones, U2, Ron Stewart and Elton John. There were many more, but I can't remember all of them right now. Larry had some great stories, but I don't feel it would be appropriate to share them here on the blog! LOL

Just a few facts about the bus:
It gets a whooping 5.5 miles per gallon and holds enough diesel for an 800 mile range.

Thanks Larry!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do Jeans Make the Woman?

Do jeans make a difference??
I decided for the tour that I wanted to wear jeans...something I never really wear. I went through my old jeans and found they just weren't right for a rock and roll tour of this caliber. I decided to go to Lucky Brand and a few of the places that Ashley shops and I found two things...jeans are pricey and even though they are still denim, they have really changed.
I found the Lucky "Lola's" and they were great. I can wear them long with boots, or roll them up and wear heels. I then went to Macy's and found a brand called NYDJ which means..."Not Your Daughter's Jeans".
I found my usual size and the sales girl came by and informed me that I should go down a size. I thought, how nice of her to notice that I had lost weight. I tried them on and wow the smaller size fit! I was so excited I decided to go down another size...same thing... it fit which meant I was in a single digit size! I was doing so well, I decided to go even smaller and see if I could get the next smaller size on my body. I managed, comfortably I might add, to get into a 6! LOL I stopped at the 6 because I used to be a 6 and I like that number. That actually would be my prefect size in the real world. I may not be smaller, but I am wearing a size 6 jean!! HOLLA!!!
I bought two more pairs to make sure that the pair I was wearing wasn't mis-marked, by some deranged seamstress in a jean factory.
Anyway tonight for the big show I pulled out my size 6 jeans in black...I walked around in the dinner area and said to hello to EVERYONE, I felt good, could it be because I knew I was wearing a size 6!? I felt like I had a great secret that I wanted to share with everyone, but I kept my mouth shut.
On my way out of the venue I stopped by the Gibson bus, and I saw the adorable Hubert Sumlin and got my picture taken with him and BB King's was a good night!

I went back to the bus to get ready for the all night drive, and as I took off my jeans I saw two large adhesive labels stuck to my thighs. I don't know how in the world I missed these large stickers when I put on the jeans.

One said: NYDJ recommends washing this jean before wearing with soap and water to remove any possible excess dye. I didn't see any dye, so I was good to go. Anyway I wanted to wear a brand new pair of jeans, not a pre-washed pair.

The other label attached to my skin said: NYDJ cannot be held responsible for any positive consequence that may arise due to your fabulous appearance when wearing NYDJ.
You can thank me later.

So, I'm here in the bus, on our way to Denver, wondering if my good time had anything to do with my NYDJ's or was it just me! LOL

How About a Latte with that Deposit?


It's a bank, no it's a coffee shop
We have arrived in Omaha, NE

Bank side

coffee side

Me with Dennis

All the sidewalks are covered in this entire part of town.

After a twelve hour drive from Kentucky, we arrived in Omaha, NE this morning. Haylie and I quickly got ourselves together to explore this cute area. We found so many wonderful shops including fabulous clothes for Peach's 1st birthday. Raimy found some of his favorites things in the leather store that included three pairs of Ugg's.
Funny thing, on the way back to the bus we found a coffee shop in a bank. I found humor in this combination. I wonder if the coffee shop makes all their deposits at the connected bank?
I'll write more later if anything exciting happens to me that is going to happen! LOL
If I don't get back to the computer tonight, just know we are leaving Omaha tonight and heading for Denver. Three shows to go and I'll be home!
BTW I brought the best boots of all time here today!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Louisville and a day of soaps!


Out For A Walk

I Found A Man

Me In Front Of The Bus And It Is Freezing...FINALLY!!!

Hello, today I'm in Louisville , Kentucky. I have never been to Kentucky, but it looks like so many cities I have seen along the way of my journey. They do have alot of interesting art around the town, and I do enjoy seeing that.
We arrived here yesterday and went straight to the venue. I didn't go to the show last night, I hate to say it but it was too cold for me. I am rarely cold, in fact I have the AC on in my room right now and it's 34' outside. Anyway after the show we got to the hotel and apparently whoever booked my room put me into a bridal suite. Nice! LOL I wonder where my husband is?? Anyway I walked into the entry way and past the kitchen of my huge suite. I just started to laugh when I saw the bathtub within a few feet of the king size bed. In fact the bed is so close to the tub that when I turned on the jacuzzi tub last night, the jets were so strong that water flew all the way over to the bed...which wasn't a far distance. There is a regular bathroom and shower, but the tub is a bit out of place in the bedroom/ living room suite.
The kids have friends here that pastor a church and are also parents of twins. Their boys are 18 months and just adorable. They planned to spent the day together running around and finding a pumpkin patch. I was invited, but I decided I needed a rest. We leave tonight and I think our driver said we have a 12 hour drive to Omaha...I could be wrong on that, but I am staying put for the day. I am relaxing and I think I'll go out and find food somewhere. I 'm going to watch The Young and the Restless from my king sized bed, rest and take another bedside bath before we pull out at 11PM.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chicago one of my favorite cities!

Christmas time already!

Haylie and the mighty Dragon

The Ladies of Macy's past

Check out my new teeth

Look at our new stockings!

Good Morning Chicago!! The bus parked right on State St. next to the venue, this morning. We got ready as fast as we could so we wouldn't waste a moment exploring some of the wonderful places that I love here in Chicago. The last time I was here was during 9-11-2001, and I had no idea when Ash and I would be able to get back home.
Haylie and I bundled the babies from the frigid cold and headed up State St. We stopped at the 9 floor Macy's and stayed until it closed tonight! We were only able to see a few floors because of the enormous size of this store. Macy's isn't the Macy's we have at home, it's the Macy's talked about in movies and how stores used to be.
The entire Christmas floor was ready and the babies took the whole thing in, as best they could at their ages. It was GORGEOUS and hearing Bing Crosby's White Christmas certainly had me feeling like Santa was about to come flying down the chimney.
Haylie bought stocking and stocking holders and Christmas clothes for the beans. The store just wasn't open long enough!
The show is going on right now and Jon is playing more songs tonight than usual. I listened to part of the show, but I got cold and decided to walk the block and a half back to the bus and work on my blog.
I loved being in Michigan, but I was so sorry it was so short and I missed seeing two of my dearest friends, Kathy and Kim. Please forgive me for not being able to reach you while I was there.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Michigan our beautiful homeland!

Michigan Our Beautiful Homeland!

We Made It To The Famous Franklin Cidar Mill Two Blocks From Our Old House

Saylor Takes Her First Bite Of The Fabulous Apple Donut!!

Dennis, Saylor, Haylie and Raimy

Isn't This Place Gorgeous?!!

Raimy Takes His First Bite Of The Fabulous Apple Donut!

Our Old Home

We stopped by our old house on Wellington...I love Franklin Village!

I woke up in the bus in Detroit, and headed for the hotel. It's funny to see the array of hotels we end up having along the road. The hotel was gorgeous and the manager told me I was in the largest room in the hotel...the Presidential Suite. I figured that must be a mistake, but at my age I have decided if a gift is offered I'm all over it. I got to the 10th floor and saw the double doors of my suite. When I opened the door to the forty plus foot living room and 10' conference table I was wishing Leilani, Karen, Tammy and Thom were here and we would be having a huge investor meeting.

When Haylie came in we decided to rent a car and head to Bloomfield Hills. That turned into quite an ordeal when the nearest SUV was at the Detroit Airport, which was some distance away. She took a taxi and securing the car took over an hour.
Once the car seats were loaded we headed for The cider mill in Franklin. How wonderful to share Haylie's childhood favorite with her babies. We bought the fresh cider and the most amazing donuts in the world. I took pictures of the babies first bites. It's funny because of all the fancy donuts I have had in my life nothing holds up to the the fabulous little donuts in the Village of Franklin.
We drove around the corner from the the cider mill to the place where the children grew up. It made Haylie decide that she wanted to have a home in Franklin again, not all the time but for a vacation home.

We then drove to my brother and sister-in-laws house for dinner. If was so much fun and brought back so many wonderful memories of our days on MI.

Now I am waiting in the hotel for Sue and David Smith to arrive for Toledo. They have been my friends for many years and I can't wait to see them again! They will be going to the concert tonight, but I will probably sit this one out. I am also waiting for Scotty Weller and I have no idea where he is today. Scotty call me if you read this! LOL